About Us



Thank you for visiting BHC Training Consultants. We are committed to providing the most up to date e-learning experience available. We have developed on-line training programs and individual courses designed to enhance the effectiveness of agency administrators and to improve the daily operations of their various agencies. Training programs are self paced, providing administrators the ability to complete training in the comfort of any environment and at times that work best for busy schedules. Our programs and courses are approved by DADS and will meet mandated training and annual continuing education requirements.


BHC Training Consultants offers an array of consulting services to assist new and existing agencies meet their organizational goals and objectives. Our services are listed below:


         Policy Development

Policy development and implementation is a daunting task for any agency. We can assist in this area to ensure that your DADS surveys will result in satisfactory outcomes.


         Personnel Policies

Personnel policies especially in the area of creating personnel files, require great attention to detail. When building files, it is important that they contain all of the appropriate information required by DADS. Our experts can assist you in this area and help to ensure that your personnel files contain complete information and are ready for survey.


         Client Records

Client records are some of the most important records kept by an agency. We can assist to ensure that records contain all of the required information and that they are complete and ready for survey.


         Survey Readiness

Finally, we can help with preparation for survey readiness. Being organized and prepared for a DADS survey, especially as a new agency, can be overwhelming. We can help ease the anxiety that can accompany survey readiness. We can help to ensure that the following items are ready for review:


      1. List of past and current clients
      2. Client records
      3. Agency policies
      4. Employee personnel records