Frequently Asked Questions




Q1. Can I take any 12 hour training program that I choose?

A1. No.  The Training Program (Track) that you choose depends on whether or not you have had prior Administrator experience.  If you require further explanation, please call 888-815-1705.


Q2.  How long do I have to complete a training program?

A2. You are given access to any Training Program (Track) for a sixty day period. This will allow the time and flexibility required by most Administrators with busy schedules


Q3.  Will I receive a certificate?

A3. Yes.  Upon completion of a Training Program (Track) , you will have an opportunity to print out your certificate of completion to keep in your agency personnel file.


Q4.  If I do not need to take a full 12 hour training program, can I take courses individually?

A4.  Yes.  You can take only the individual courses you need and receive a transcript for just that course.


Q5.  Are your training courses offered on site?

A5.  No.  We do not offer onsite courses.  Our courses are on-line only.